Saturday, February 13, 2010


The Global.asx file is an optional file that contains code for responding to application level events raised by ASP.NET. This file is also called as ASP.NET application file. This file resides in the root directory of anapplication. If we are not defining this file in application, the ASP.NET page framework assumes that you have not defined any applicationa/Session events in the application.

Followign are the list of events handled in the global.asax file.

Event: Application_Start

When an application starts. This event occurs only one time in an application’s life cycle. It occurs again when you restart the application. It’s the best place to count number of visitors.

Event: Application_End

This event occurs when application ends.

Event: Session_Start

This event occurs whenever a new session starts. This is the best place to count user sessions for anapplication

Practical Usage: Setting user specific values, caching items based upon user context.

Event: Session_End

This event Opposite of the previous event.

Event: Application_Error

This event occurs when an unhandled error or exception occurs in an application.

Event: Application_BeginRequest

This event occurs every time when server makes a request. This event may occur multiple times in an applications life cycle.

Event: Application_End

This event occurs when an application closes

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